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Swedish for Ford – 1964 Volvo 544

October 28, 2015

Volvo’s 544 was arguably the first foray for Swedish cars in the North American market that successfully built the foundation of Volvo’s reputation there, and perhaps even Swedish cars in general. It’s a sporting but sturdy car with plenty of interior room. Its styling, which was dated even when it was new, also started a long-lasting trend for Volvo – while later Volvos were not dated when new, Volvo did make the most of every design, getting more value out of each one than most manufacturers would. Check out this 1964 Volvo 544 for sale for $3950 in Tigard, OR.

1964 Volvo 544 left front



RustyButTrusty on the Street – Dodge, Jaguar, Volvo, Opel, Chevrolet

August 28, 2014

Here’s another entry in the chronicling of interesting cars on the roads of the San Francisco Bay Area of California. And this is only what your faithful correspondent can capture on camera – for example, today there was a Rover P4 on the streets of San Francisco, and an Alfa Berlina on the streets of Berkeley/Oakland. To catch us up, check out this 1964 Dodge 880 sedan. The owner has done some cool modifications that really add to the allure of this car – a slightly lowered body with shiny but worn paint is offset by red reverse steel wheels with faux knockoffs. This picture doesn’t really do it justice – if you live in Oakland, keep an eye open for this example of “the most elegant automobile ever fashioned by Dodge” (says the brochure).



Rounded – 1964 Volvo 544

July 3, 2014

If you’re fed up of angles, folds, and corners, and would really prefer something a little more organic and rounded, consider a 1997 Ford Taurus. Or better yet, consider the Volvo 544 – an updated version of the ’42 Ford knockoff, with a one piece windshield, hunchback styling, and some actual sporting pretense. Fitted with Volvo’s B18D engine as of 1964, putting out 90-95hp through a 4-speed transmission, it was no rocket, but had quite respectable performance for a family sedan. 1964 also brought a 12V electrical system, and from 1963 North American cars were assembled in Halifax, NS (indeed, if you drive a Volvo 740 or 940 it’s quite likely your car was built here) to bypass trade tariffs. Check out this tax-evading 1964 Volvo 544 for sale for $2450 in Rodeo, CA.

1964 Volvo 544 left front