Lancia Beta Sedan Registry

Having seen what others have done, I thought I’d create a registry so people who have these cars can keep in touch. If you are one of the lucky few who own a Lancia Beta sedan, particularly if you’re in the US, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. Of course, if there’s any info you don’t want displayed, let me know and I’ll leave that out.

Year VIN # Color (original/ current) Interior Eng. Trans. Location Comment
1975 unknown black tan leather 1800 5 spd. Santa Monica, CA USA Ansa, cams, Alquati manifold &dual Webers
1975 unknown White Black 1800 5 spd. Fullerton, CA USA Intact parts car
1975 unknown blue black leather 1800 5 spd. Bellevue, WA USA On craigslist, 5/22/13, $2500
1977 unknown Sahara Beige rust-brown 1800 5 spd. Plainfield, NJ Sold to a collector, 1991
1977 unknown Silver/rust unknown 1800 5 spd. Los Lunas, NM FS on Craigslist 09/09, $500
1977 unknown Blue grey 1800 5 spd. Woodburn, OR Straight project
1978 828CB6 505111 Silver Blue cloth 1800 5 spd. Westchester, NY USA Straight project, FS on eBay 1/12
1978 unknown Maroon Tobacco leather 1800 5 spd. Forestville, CA USA My former car
1979 unknown Ivory Cream leather 2000 5 spd. Highland Park, CA USA FS on craigslist 09/09, $3K, ICS Auto- motive
1979 506180 Maroon Grey cloth 2000 5 spd. Hibbing, MN USA FS on eBay 11/10, $3K, private seller
1981 unknown Silver Blue cloth 2000 Unk. Melbourne, VIC Australia very late S2

13 Responses to “Lancia Beta Sedan Registry”

  1. Garry Regan Says:

    1981 Berlina 2000 very late series 2 silver (original colour)
    interior blue cloth perfect condition
    Very nice condition.
    Melbourne , Australia
    Viva Lancia

  2. Dave Decker Says:

    1977 Berlina 1800 5spd blue with grey (black & white checked?) cloth interior currently stock with power windows and steering, a couple S2 touches, straight & running (but poorly), my next restoration project after we finish the boy’s 124 sedan (current project).

  3. Dave Decker Says:

    PS Location is Woodburn, OR. USA with my other Beta’s and Fiats

  4. WH Says:

    The black sedan was sold to Santa Monica, CA. It was a series 1 car supposedly from the Canadian importer so very early for the U.S. I had a matching black series 1 parts car with it at one time! The car really revved up. Cruised like a modern at 85mph making great noises.

  5. v6alfa Says:

    i need some glass for mine, anyone with a parts car available?

  6. Chris Keen Says:

    Wow, that’s 10 with 9 known in the US.

  7. Paula Says:

    Need help. Trying to track down what happened to Grandma’s Lancia Beta. On the 1978 Maroon Ext/ with Tobacco Leather Int. where and when did you purchase/when and to whom did you sell??Heartbroken. mcpaulasfarm at live dot com

    • Chris Keen Says:

      Hi Paula, I sold back in 2011 I think. I believe the car was originally from the Napa area, and my vague memories are that the owner on some service docs from the seventies or eighties had a middle eastern name.

      • Paula Hunt Says:

        Could it possibly been the importer’s name? I’m fairly certain my grandparents were the original owners of this one. They were from San Bernardino. My grandpa had a thing for Euro imports. He still had several when he passed. Their names were “Marion Cecil” and Ella Hastings. Transfered ownership straight to me. I had trouble getting parts. After about 2 years, my “ex” convinced me to trade it in on a 1995 Saturn, (Lease), in 1995, at the Chevrolet dealership in Carlsbad, California. The one just off Interstate 10, where the big fields of flowers are. It was a big mistake. Life lesson learned.

      • Chris Keen Says:

        Hi Paula, that means there’s a 13-year gap in between when you sold yours and when I bought mine, so even if they were the same car, it could have been sold several times before I bought it. My recollection is that the service receipts were from the early 1990s, from a place up in Napa/Marin County (maybe Wine Country Motors?). The car is a US-market car, so the importer would have been Lancia North America or whatever they called themselves. Wish I could tell you more, but it’s been 8 years since I had it myself.

  8. Jim Spiridigliozzi Says:

    Hey Chris. Didn’t realize you sold your car. I
    Just messaged you on the Lancisti site asking a question about your VIN. Just finished restoring mine after 26 years. Owned 34. Not surprised you sold it. Not the easiest car to maintain. Mine is a 1978 sedan. Registered above with a VIN. Be well. Jim.

    • Chris Keen Says:

      Hey Jim, yeah, I sold the car back in 2011. Would be cool to see some pics of your restored car if you have some. I still have occasional fantasies of having a euro-spec Beta sedan, I’d guess those are a lot more fun without the emissions stuff cluttering up the already-cramped engine bay and slowing the car down.

      • Jim Spiridigliozzi Says:

        Hey Chris. European Beta would be great. Give me your email and I’ll shoot some pics unless I can add them here.

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