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Pre-Rusty – 4000km in a Fiat 500 Sport

September 17, 2011

Mostly modern cars are not interesting to this site, since they err too far on the trusty side of the rusty-to-trusty spectrum. But every so often, a new car is eye-catching or different enough that it catches my attention. The recently-introduced (to the US market) Fiat 500 is of those. Last month, on a trip to eastern Canada, I had a chance to rent a 500 Sport from Budget (mini sportster, class XF). Having test-driven a 500 Pop when the nearest Fiat dealer first opened, I already had some idea of what to expect, but spending so much time with one in all kinds of situations really gave a full perspective.

Fiat 500 sport on Nutting Rd., Montgomery Center, VT