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So Long – Triple Saab Feature

November 6, 2010

This month, my parents sold their last Saab. Here’s the car after 17 years of faithful service:

1993 Saab 9000CSE 2.3 turbo

We bought the car new in the early years of GM’s ownership of Saab, and while we were sold on the virtues of a Saab already, having cheap GM financing on top of that was only gravy. The car was $36K, and I remember arguing to have a CD player, leather seats and seat heaters to help the resale value. Well, since it sold for $2200, maybe that was a moot point, 17 years and 165,000 miles later. It’s funny how cars weave their way into your memories, in a way not many other possessions do… I vividly remember a roadtrip to Yellowstone in this car, getting all the contents of my dorm room in the back at the end of sophomore year, and doing a track driving course up at Thunder Hill Raceway. My family had Saabs for 29 years, so this is kind of the end of an era.