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Norwegian Sunset – 1974 Saab 99 EMS

September 14, 2014

Why is it a Norwegian sunset? This is a Swedish car, you idiot! Is what you might be thinking, but after the jump you’ll see why it’s Norwegian. Since Saabs are like catnip to the oddball car nut, and one-year-only safety colors also give us the warm fuzzies, you’ll see why today’s car was so easy to choose. Adding the top-performing fuel injected engine is just icing on the cake – have a look at this 1974 Saab 99 EMS for sale for $1250 in St. Paul, MN.

1974 Saab 99 EMS right front



Going, going, gone? – 1970 Saab 99

September 4, 2014

In spite of their reputation for durability in the Swedish tradition, surviving Saab 99s are quite a rare beast. Perhaps they were too well-designed for the snow, causing most to migrate to frozen climes just like old Peugeot 504s migrated south from Europe to North Africa, or old people migrated south from Manhattan to Florida. So maybe quite a few older Saabs migrated north to Alaska, where they’re in a climate that’s comfortable for them. You can find this 1970 Saab 99 for sale for an unspecified price in Homer, AK.

1970 Saab 99 right front


Turbo for a Grand – 1978 Saab 99 Turbo

August 14, 2014

Frequent readers might know that early turbocharged cars are popular here. Sure, they’re not as refined as a modern turbo, where you get a nearly smooth flow of power like, say, an older six-cylinder, but that’s part of the fun for a true car nut – the car is transparent about what it’s doing and when it’s doing it. So sure, you get crazy wheel-spinning turbo boost at 3000rpm, and you have to hang on for dear life in the rain, but that’s why you should be going to the gym and working those forearms. And if you’re not, maybe you can look at this as exercise. So to improve your physical fitness, why not take a look at this 1978 Saab 99 Turbo for sale for $1000 in Castle Rock, WA.

1978 Saab 99 Turbo 2 left front