Going, going, gone? – 1970 Saab 99

In spite of their reputation for durability in the Swedish tradition, surviving Saab 99s are quite a rare beast. Perhaps they were too well-designed for the snow, causing most to migrate to frozen climes just like old Peugeot 504s migrated south from Europe to North Africa, or old people migrated south from Manhattan to Florida. So maybe quite a few older Saabs migrated north to Alaska, where they’re in a climate that’s comfortable for them. You can find this 1970 Saab 99 for sale for an unspecified price in Homer, AK.

1970 Saab 99 right front

Mostly no-price listings are posted by dreamers, but in this case, the seller needed to have the car sold by last Sunday. It’s possible the car is sold already, but this is a pretty solid looking 99, and a very early example that should have the 1.7-liter engine. With a mere 86hp at 5500rpm, it won’t outrun a contemporary BMW or Alfa, at least until you hit the first patch of dirt, gravel, or snow. Would you go for originality, or drop in an EMS or Turbo engine for that extra kick?

1970 Saab 99 left front

With its plain white paint, this one could be fun done up in some rally livery, to evoke how it would have looked in competition. It’s said to run and be in great condition, and to have been stored indoors. It also comes with all service records – if this means back to 1970, that’s amazing for this class of car. Would you go for this rare chrome bumper 99?


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2 Responses to “Going, going, gone? – 1970 Saab 99”

  1. C S Says:

    Yes. In a heart beat. Too bad the remote location.

  2. Ina Says:

    Well, well, well, well…my Sunday buyer went for an newer model. And my 99 has been housed indoors ever since! About to give it away for $800.00 to a mechanics landfill. Someone stop me!!!

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