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No Trouble – 1984 Maserati Biturbo

June 30, 2014

Standing on its own, apart from the history of its marque, the Maserati Biturbo is a pretty neat car. This is especially true when you look at it compared to similar size and class cars of the 1980s – the Biturbo looks a little like an E30 3-series from an alternate universe, with a twin turbocharged V6 instead of the 2.7 eta engine. That’s not to gloss over the issues the Biturbo had, but once one has made it this far without self-combusting or devolving into a sunburned shell with cracked leather and blown headgaskets, you know it’s either had an overindulgent owner, or it’s a good’un. You can find this 1984 Maserati Biturbo for sale for $4200 in Hayward/Castro Valley, CA.

1984 Maserati Biturbo left front



The Seventies auf Deutsch – 1975 Mercedes 280 SLC and 1978 Mercedes 450 SLC

June 27, 2014

Now we’ve seen the 1970s from an American perspective, let’s look at a super-depreciated German take on a 1970s personal luxury coupe. Mercedes SL roadsters are another car that’s seen a huge upswing in value in the last couple of years, led by the iconic 300SL, but trickling down to the milquetoast 190SL and the later pagoda-roof SL cars. The C107/R107 series of cars has yet to see as much of an impact, but if you want to guarantee to be the last on the appreciation train, take a look at the C107 coupes. Or, if you want the solidity and style of a Mercedes on a short budget, take look at the C107 coupes. You can find the first of two for sale, this 1975 Mercedes 280 SLC for $3495 in San Rafael, CA.

1975 Mercedes 280SLC right front


31 Cents per Pound – 1974 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

June 27, 2014

Even in this era of six figure Porsches, and other once-affordable classics also accelerating in price, you can still find something interesting for a tenth the cost of a new Kia if you know where to look. Granted, that won’t always get you a sports car, and it won’t always get you something for burning through back roads, but it will get you an interesting car that was once the top of a manufacturer’s line. And it doesn’t even have to be from the fully depreciated late 1980s, early 1990s era – you can get a ginuwine, Nixon-era (nearly) car with a lot more style and probably less total cost per mile than the new Kia. You can find this 1974 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe for sale for a mere $1500 in Napa, CA.

1974 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe left front