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The Seventies auf Deutsch – 1975 Mercedes 280 SLC and 1978 Mercedes 450 SLC

June 27, 2014

Now we’ve seen the 1970s from an American perspective, let’s look at a super-depreciated German take on a 1970s personal luxury coupe. Mercedes SL roadsters are another car that’s seen a huge upswing in value in the last couple of years, led by the iconic 300SL, but trickling down to the milquetoast 190SL and the later pagoda-roof SL cars. The C107/R107 series of cars has yet to see as much of an impact, but if you want to guarantee to be the last on the appreciation train, take a look at the C107 coupes. Or, if you want the solidity and style of a Mercedes on a short budget, take look at the C107 coupes. You can find the first of two for sale, this 1975 Mercedes 280 SLC for $3495 in San Rafael, CA.

1975 Mercedes 280SLC right front



Snowballer – 1978 Mercedes 280 SLC

March 18, 2014

The coupe version of the R107 roadster, the C107, never saw as much success, and was allowed to expire soon after the C126 coupe debuted in 1980. However, that makes it an appealing value-for-money alternative to its brother and son, and in European specification with the smaller bumpers, the design is actually quite elegant in a period 1970s kind of way. Because after all, who doesn’t like a car that comes from the factory with window louvers? You can find this 1978 Mercedes 280 SLC for sale for $4000 in Auburn, CA.

1978 Mercedes 280SLC right front