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Euro Sport Sedan Special – Patrician vs. Plebeian

October 30, 2010

Well, it’s been an awfully long time since the last post. Having caught up on all my favorite blogs, I’m now using my spare seconds to fish around for gems again, and here are a couple.

Who knew you could get a 2002 for so cheap, much less a tii?? For only $3100, this car in Santa Cruz, CA definitely has to be a genuine, original, numbers matching tii that would make the blue & white cravatted judges at your local BMW concours giggle with glee. I briefly tried finding a spotter’s guide to tell if this is a real tii, but Google only turned up one good one, and most of the items it listed are not visible in this picture. However, it does have a fuel-injection intake plenum, so it’s a tii in practice. I’ve liked this color combo since I test drove a 1602 in the same colors, and still holds up pretty well.

1973 BMW 2002 tii front



Eighties Renault Grab Bag – Two Fuegos, a GTA, and a Medallion

October 29, 2010

Note: Found this unpublished article in my posts. So the ads may no longer be up, but an interesting read nonetheless.

To break the chain of Fiats, we’ve got a handful of interesting Renaults. Personally, I lean more towards the stuff they made in the 60s and 70s, but some of the 80s products were noteworthy, at least to a funny furrin’ car lover. And there are some real oddballs out there still… these cars came around at a point when Renault was already having a bumpy time of it in the US market.

This car was already featured on Just A Car Geek, but I still think it’s worth including in the group. With only 24,800 miles, it’s been parked with a blown head gasket since Bush Sr. was in office, so that engine will be locked up good and tight. On the bright side, even though its body is rust-free (or nearly so) and the red paint is shiny, nobody will be able to steal it. It even has a cool Webasto-style rollback sunroof. Pick it up for $1100 in Novi, MI.

1983 Renault Fuego turbo red