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City Survivor – 1971 Renault 10

June 22, 2016

Compared to some other Renault products – say the 4L, 16 or 15/17 fraternal twins – the Renault 10 seems rather unspectacular. The design is boxy with an excessive front overhang (bad for off-roading!), the engine doesn’t have significant power, and the interior seems to be a sea of vinyl, plastic and rubber. However, the 10 came with 4-wheel disc brakes, an alloy-head four-cylinder, rack-and-pinion steering, and independent suspension all around, and that synthetic interior was actually quite durable. Some are so durable, they survive life on the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District, like this 1971 Renault 10 for sale for $2500 in West Oakland, CA.

1971 Renault 10 right front



The Fire’s Gone Out – 1983 Renault Fuego Turbo

February 29, 2016

Have you ever wanted to come into the turbo zone? There aren’t many 1980s sports coupes left that would take you there – VW’s Scirocco, Toyota’s Celica and Nissan’s 200SX didn’t offer turbo power, and few of those survive. The only car in the Fuego’s class to offer a turbo was the Subaru (Leone) coupe, and not many of those have survived. And even with a turbo, performance went from slow with the stock naturally aspirated four to decent – comparable to many other naturally aspirated cars – with the turbo. That said, it was remarkable for several other things, like fuel injection, a low-for-the-time coefficient of drag, and in the European market, the first remote door locking system and audio controls on the steering wheel. Check out this 1983 Renault Fuego Turbo for sale for $1000 in Beverly, MA.

1983 Renault Fuego Turbo left front


Ragtop Two-Door – 1979 Renault LeCar

November 15, 2015

Economy cars are, for the most part, soulless and boring, but every so often some fun manages to sneak its way into one. Depending on your perspective, the Renault LeCar was in the soulless category, but perhaps you’ve forgotten the spare mounted over the engine, the tremendous amount of interior room for its size, the spartan gauge pod and switch panel for a dashboard, or the optional ragtop. So if you’re willing to reconsider your point of view in light of those facts, check out this 1979 Renault LeCar for sale for $4000 in Eugene, OR.

1979 Renault LeCar 2 left rear