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Turkeys for the Holiday – Two 1967 Triumph 2000 Mk1 Sedans

November 27, 2014

It seems appropriate, with the biggest day of cheap stuff around the corner, that an automotive door buster be today’s feature. And this is a warehouse-shopping-style deal – a two-pack of merchandise at a very low price. The price per pound here is probably just as good, if not better than the more common low-buck American boat. As with all deals, you’ll have to accept some compromises, but hey look, cheap stuff! Check out this pair of Triumph 2000 Mk1 sedans for sale for $500 in St. Helens, WA.

1967 Triumph 2000Mk1 blue right front



Verde Nero – 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde

November 3, 2014

If you’re finding that the cars you liked from the 1960s and 1970s that you liked are escaping your reach, the fully-depreciated cars of the 1980s are worth a look. Yes, the 1980s hosted some of the worst examples of stickers-n-spoilers performance packages, tacky gold trim and excess chrome on luxury cars, and engines detuned for the still-new emissions laws. But it was also the first time turbocharging could be called mainstream, and some improvements like electronic fuel injection made for much better reliability, performance, and starting. Of course, those also complicated diagnosis of problems. For a car with funky Italian styling, one of the best-sounding engines of its decade, and handling that was, like, totally rad, check out this 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde for sale for $2500 in Cedar Falls, IA.

1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde left