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Not European – 1962 and 1960 Rover P5 Pair

June 25, 2016

Rovers, largely unknown and unrecognized in North America, are a great alternative choice in the wood-and-leather class of car. With an upright grill that apes nobody else’s, a large black-rimmed steering wheel, over-stuffed leather seats and a stout inline six-cylinder all contributed to the luxurious feeling of the P5, as did the leather rear bench with center and door armrests, as well as a reading lamp. All those features gained the car the approval of many prominent Britons, but of very few North Americans, with no Rover – P5, P6, or SD1 – seeming to have significant success in the New World. Fortunately, that makes them fairly affordable here – check out this pair of 1962 and 1960 Rover P5s, currently bid at $553 with 3 1/2 days left to go in Klamath Falls, OR.

1962 Rover P5 left front



Grandpa’s Truck – 1967 Land Rover Series IIa

June 14, 2016

Frequent readers will know the preference here is for classic cars, as opposed to trucks. While classic trucks have a cool aesthetic, the slant here is towards cars whose full abilities you can approach on the road (and let’s face it, for classics those limits often aren’t very high!). With trucks, it always feels like you’re leaving something on the table – be it their load-carrying capability, their off-road ability, or the sacrifice of comfort in favor of those two strengths. Sometimes though, the allure of trying something different is too hard to resist, as in the case of this 1967 Land Rover Series IIa for sale for $4000 in SeaTac, WA.

1967 Land Rover Series IIa left front


Rusty, Not Trusty – 1964 Innocenti S Spider

May 16, 2016

The Innocenti Spider is a great example of something the Italians did really well – put a fancy frock on a set of plain mechanicals. In this case, you get the greasy parts from a Mark 2 Sprite/Midget – a 1098cc A-series inline four cylinder and four speed transmission. In the 1950s and 1960s, Innocenti was best known for its Lambretta scooters and a bunch of rebadged BMC products, but this car can drop the names of some very influential people and companies in the Italian car business – it was designed by Tom Tjaarda for Ghia and built by OSI. The original Spider did not include the S in its model designation, featuring the 948cc engine of the bug/frogeye Sprite, while the S got the larger engine and front disc brakes. The car sold well in Italy, but couldn’t compete well in foreign markets due to price, and as demand waned, Innocenti transformed the car into a hardtop. But for today, we’ll have to be happy with a folding roof, or perhaps no roof at all – check out this 1964 Innocenti S Spider for sale for $2500 in Annandale, VA.

1964 Innocenti S Spider left rear