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Value-Priced Curves – 1969 Opel GT

July 11, 2016

On the curves per dollar scale, there aren’t many more cost effective cars than the Opel GT. You get exaggerated Coke-bottle styling on a Kadett-sized platform, and yet somehow it works well – the car doesn’t wind up looking cartoonish, instead evoking some of the best 1960s sports and racing cars with its quad round tail lights mounted on a Kamm tail, and curvy side profile that’s often attributed to the C3 Corvette, unfairly overlooking cars like the underappreciated Alfa Romeo TZ2, Ferrari 250 GTO, and Shelby Cobra Daytona. So if you are looking for swoopy styling at a fair price, you could do worse than looking at this 1969 Opel GT for sale for $3500 in Mehama, OR.

1969 Opel GT 2 left side



X Copy – 1985 Toyota MR2

June 27, 2016

Update: Nearly two years on, reader Stephen commented on the original post that he purchased the car for $1400. Now with 156,000 miles, the car is still doing well, though it had a few minor needs at purchase: a missing (now replaced) bolt on the coolant pump had caused a leak, and a small hole in the floor and sill rot are on the short list for a date with a welder. Other than that, he’s quite happy with the purchase – here’s a picture to show what it’s like now (note one of the great things about small cars: pulled up on the wrong side? no problem! just reach across!):

1985 Toyota MR2 followup left front

Thanks for the update, Stephen – nice to see this car is still out there doing what it does best.

Original post: For any enthusiast of small sports cars with a small, rev-happy engine, the MR2 has to be on the list. It’s like an X1/9 without the drama (or as much emotion) – that mid-mounted Yamaha-designed four-cylinder is probably one of the nicer four-cylinders to make it through the mid-1980s emissions-controlled malaise era – the nearest competitor had a not-so-awesome 1970s Iron Duke 4-cylinder, and other sporting convertibles ran engines dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. Beyond that, you get tight handling and two handy little trunks, with the frunk cool enough to keep your beer cold and the trunk warm enough to keep your potluck casserole warm. Because people drive to potlucks in MR2s. Check out this 1985 Toyota MR2 for sale with the opening bid at $3000 and 2 days left in Sanford, NC.

1985 Toyota MR2 left rear


Nothing Shakespearean – 1972 Saab Sonett III

June 15, 2016

Among Swedish cars, Saab was always the more sporting make, and true to that image, their car was a light, compact, and nimble car, while Volvo built a more luxurious, GT-style vehicle that could carry four in a pinch. Okay, a Porsche 911-style pinch, but it was possible nonetheless. As a result, the Sonett was used in various competitive events against other small displacement sports cars like ice racing, rallying, and autocrossing. So no matter what kind of event you’re looking at entering, the Sonett should fill the bill. Check out this 1972 Saab Sonett III for sale for $2100 in Pilot Hill, CA.

1972 Saab Sonett left front