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Value-Priced Curves – 1969 Opel GT

July 11, 2016

On the curves per dollar scale, there aren’t many more cost effective cars than the Opel GT. You get exaggerated Coke-bottle styling on a Kadett-sized platform, and yet somehow it works well – the car doesn’t wind up looking cartoonish, instead evoking some of the best 1960s sports and racing cars with its quad round tail lights mounted on a Kamm tail, and curvy side profile that’s often attributed to the C3 Corvette, unfairly overlooking cars like the underappreciated Alfa Romeo TZ2, Ferrari 250 GTO, and Shelby Cobra Daytona. So if you are looking for swoopy styling at a fair price, you could do worse than looking at this 1969 Opel GT for sale for $3500 in Mehama, OR.

1969 Opel GT 2 left side



FREE! – 1970 Opel Ascona

February 11, 2016

Opel’s Ascona could be seen as a Manta with 4 doors, sharing its underpinnings and (in the North American market) the 1900 CIH engine. When new, the Ascona and Manta were pretty competitive in sedan racing, so at this point they should be seen as a rarer alternative to the popular BMWs, Alfas, and Datsuns. They were also successful in rallying, and Steinmetz built a twin-Solex version good for 125hp. So, with all the noise around increasing prices of fun classic cars, even previously overlooked ones like Alfa Berlinas and BMW Bavarias, this site tries to be a counterpoint in exposing some of the better values in the collector car world. Even then, it’s not easy to find something interesting for the low, low price of free. Occasionally it does happen, so let’s take a look at this this 1970 Opel Ascona for free in Longview, WA.

1970 Opel Ascona left rear


Kadett-Vette – 1973 Opel GT

January 16, 2016

Sometimes, the best sports cars are the ones based on pedestrian mechanicals out of a boring old sedan. You get easy access to parts and an engine that was designed to haul around more passengers and body than the sports car ever will, and if you look at some Italians, it’s not always at the expense of a sweet engine. But we’re not looking at Italians today, we’re looking at Germans, and so you’ll have to put up with the underpinnings of the Kadett B, though this is not all bad since that car came with a 1.9 liter engine putting out (by 1973) 83hp and a respectable amount of torque.

this 1973 Opel GT

1973 Opel GT left front