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The Fire’s Gone Out – 1983 Renault Fuego Turbo

February 29, 2016

Have you ever wanted to come into the turbo zone? There aren’t many 1980s sports coupes left that would take you there – VW’s Scirocco, Toyota’s Celica and Nissan’s 200SX didn’t offer turbo power, and few of those survive. The only car in the Fuego’s class to offer a turbo was the Subaru (Leone) coupe, and not many of those have survived. And even with a turbo, performance went from slow with the stock naturally aspirated four to decent – comparable to many other naturally aspirated cars – with the turbo. That said, it was remarkable for several other things, like fuel injection, a low-for-the-time coefficient of drag, and in the European market, the first remote door locking system and audio controls on the steering wheel. Check out this 1983 Renault Fuego Turbo for sale for $1000 in Beverly, MA.

1983 Renault Fuego Turbo left front



Pinstriped 3-Box – 1968 BMW 1600

February 27, 2016

If someone asked you to pinpoint a hotbed for affordable early E10-body BMWs, would you think of one of the wetter parts of the country? With the recent feature of a 1967 BMW 1600, perhaps a better question is whether two cars constitute a hotbed, but in any case, these are fairly rare vehicles. Being nearly fifty years old – yes, really – the early E10s that haven’t been restored yet have been subject to all sorts of treatment, including quick fill-n-shoot jobs, brush painting, and in some cases, unusual two-tone and pinstripe color schemes. So let’s take a look at this 1968 BMW 1600 for sale for $2250 in Vancouver, WA.

1968 BNW 1600 left front


Snow Spider – 1972 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

February 26, 2016

Still an open secret, the Alfa Spider soldiers on as a great way to get into an entry-level classic coachbuilt sports car. Whether carbureted or fuel injected, the 2-liter four cylinder is torquey fun, and has an intoxicating exhaust note that, while no Ferrari, signals that it’s something special when you hear it coming. Cool touches like the 45-degree console mounted shifter, large three-spoke wood-rim steering wheel and tach/speedometers in their own pods also make for something a little more special than their contemporaries. Sadly, attrition means a few more disappear every year, so it’s important to rescue the ones that are still out there, like this 1972 Alfa Romeo Spider for sale for $2300 in Boston, MA.

1972 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce right front