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Double Vision – 1976 BMW 2002 Automatic and Parts Car

September 12, 2016

Among lovers of BMW’s 2002, the 1976 model year, fitted with the automatic transmission, is something like the V12 E-Type coupe with automatic is among Jaguar enthusiasts. You can still see the original vision somewhere in the car, but like fat Elvis, it’s lost its direction and edge, its vision blurred by emissions controls and safety regulations instead of drugs and food. But with the 2002 moving ever more firmly into collector territory, it’s time to give even this rendition a second chance. Let’s take a look at this 1976 BMW 2002 Automatic for sale for $2000 in Hayward/Castro Valley, CA.




WWPD – 1981 BMW 320i KA-T

June 12, 2016

Have you ever found yourself wondering how cars designed by a specific artist would appear? BMW has done a series of art cars, so you don’t have to guess at Andy Warhol or Roy Calder’s interpretations of their cars. If you were looking for Picasso’s take on a car, what make would you expect it to be? Citroen seems most likely, but the only car with his name on it is the Xsara/C4 Picasso, a small one-box design that doesn’t seem to take anything from its namesake – in fact, the first generation Fiat Multipla is one of the most surreal minivans, with abstract elements like relocated headlights and beltline. There’s also a Citroen 2CV that’s had its body rearranged in a sort of Picasso-esque interpretation of where the parts belong. However, if you’re looking for a Picasso-esque interpretation of a BMW, there aren’t many places to turn. Until now. Take a look at this 1981 BMW 320i for sale for $3800 in Milwaukie, OR.

1981 BMW 320i ka-t


Original Owner – 1976 BMW 530i

June 10, 2016

For all the E12 five-series means to BMW, it’s largely ignored by many car enthusiasts. Outperformed by its E28 successor, and lumbered with big impact bumpers and underdeveloped emissions equipment, it can be developed into a very competent driver by looking to the aftermarket and parts from BMW’s own later cars. So if you take a bigger fuel-injected six and its transmission from a later car, and add some suspension and brake upgrades, you can have a lot of fun for relatively short money, together with the arguably more attractive 1970s styling. But for every conversion, you need a blank canvas, and for that you could look at this 1976 BMW 530i for sale for $4000 in San Luis Obispo, CA.

1976 BMW 530i left front