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Tow Car – 1973 BMW 3.0S

June 7, 2016

There are some interesting parallels between Lexus’ entry into the luxury car market back in 1989 and BMW’s return to the luxury car market in the late 1960s. Lexus was accused of copying Mercedes with their LS400, and while that was not an unfair criticism in terms of style, Lexus far exceeded Mercedes in other areas and forced them to improve their product, though arguably compromising some other Mercedes strengths. Looking at BMW’s E3 series of luxury sedans, you could argue that when they styled them in the mid-1960s, they took a good look at Mercedes’ W108 sedans and adapted that design with BMW styling cues (and more importantly, driving characteristics). Let’s check out this 1973 BMW 3.0S for sale for $2400 in Hubbard, OR.

1973 BMW 3.0S right front



Hugging the Ground – 1984 BMW 535i

May 11, 2016

It’s not too hard to find high-mile, weathered examples of E28-generation 5-series BMWs listed for sale. The tricky part is finding upmarket versions, especially if you want one in decent cosmetic condition as well. In terms of enthusiast appreciation, the E28 sedan is very much appreciated, just like its little E30 brother. So if you’re trying to keep on the lower end of the range for these cars, you’ll either need to put up with a smaller engine, mechanical issues, or cosmetic problems. From all appearances, today’s car appears to have more items in the “pro” column – check out this 1984 BMW 535i for sale for $3000 in Danville, CA.

1984 BMW 535i left side


What Brakes? – 1991 BMW 318is

May 2, 2016

While every E30 BMW M3 gets snapped up by people with DTM/BTCC or financial fantasies, and the hard-to-kill, fun-to-drive six-cylinder cars keep piling on the miles, most people overlook a lesser-known alternative – the E30 318is. And while it only gives up 26hp to the top-dog M3, you should really be comparing the car to BMW’s earlier four-cylinder sport sedans, including the E21 320is and the 2002 and 2002tii. In this light, the 318is shines – there’s more power available than in any smog-choked E21, and the power and relatively modern electronics of the M42 make it a credible alternative to the much-older 2002. And so we come to this 1991 BMW 318iS, for sale by reader Dave S., currently with no bids at $1500 in Barrington, IL.

1991 BMW 318iS left front