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Hugging the Ground – 1984 BMW 535i

May 11, 2016

It’s not too hard to find high-mile, weathered examples of E28-generation 5-series BMWs listed for sale. The tricky part is finding upmarket versions, especially if you want one in decent cosmetic condition as well. In terms of enthusiast appreciation, the E28 sedan is very much appreciated, just like its little E30 brother. So if you’re trying to keep on the lower end of the range for these cars, you’ll either need to put up with a smaller engine, mechanical issues, or cosmetic problems. From all appearances, today’s car appears to have more items in the “pro” column – check out this 1984 BMW 535i for sale for $3000 in Danville, CA.

1984 BMW 535i left side



Two Times Five – 1987 BMW 535i and 1994 BMW 530i

March 11, 2015

While you can argue that the transition from E12 to E28 and E34 to E39 5-series BMWs were more evolutionary, the difference between the E28 and E34 models is quite significant – they went from being a relatively light-weight, luxury oriented sports sedan, to a more solidly built sedan where sport and luxury were at parity. As it happens, there’s an interesting example of each for sale right now, so let’s take a look – first up is this 1987 BMW 535i for sale for $2000 in Seattle, WA.

1987 BMW 535i left front


Cheap German Stick – 1987 BMW 528e

August 28, 2014

The E28 BMW 528e (and the eta-engined E30 cars) were always considered the poor relations of the more sporty 325i, 533i and 535i cars. But while the eta engines are not particularly rev-happy, they are starting to gain appreciation for their low-end torque which, in the world of 65mph speed limits, and urban driving, matters more than horsepower. On the bright side, the eta-powered cars were also found to have their best fuel efficiency ratings when drivers held the throttle wide open when accelerating from a stop, so if you like flooring it, here’s an excuse to do so. Check out this 1987 BMW 528e for sale for $800 in Vancouver, WA.

1987 BMW 528e right front