WWPD – 1981 BMW 320i KA-T

Have you ever found yourself wondering how cars designed by a specific artist would appear? BMW has done a series of art cars, so you don’t have to guess at Andy Warhol or Roy Calder’s interpretations of their cars. If you were looking for Picasso’s take on a car, what make would you expect it to be? Citroen seems most likely, but the only car with his name on it is the Xsara/C4 Picasso, a small one-box design that doesn’t seem to take anything from its namesake – in fact, the first generation Fiat Multipla is one of the most surreal minivans, with abstract elements like relocated headlights and beltline. There’s also a Citroen 2CV that’s had its body rearranged in a sort of Picasso-esque interpretation of where the parts belong. However, if you’re looking for a Picasso-esque interpretation of a BMW, there aren’t many places to turn. Until now. Take a look at this 1981 BMW 320i for sale for $3800 in Milwaukie, OR.

1981 BMW 320i ka-t

With a radiator-looking thing (actually the intercooler) hanging out in front of the grill, severely cambered and oversized gold front wheels, and tiny factory rear wheels, together with single front headlamps, butchered front fender and a removed hood, this car looks like Picasso’s iconic paintings of people with rearranged faces. The car sports a turbocharged Nissan K24E engine, various front suspension parts from an S13-body Nissan 240SX, and probably a fine sprinkling of burnt tire rubber. Per the listing, the car is the seller’s daily driver and “runs tits”, though unlike some of Picasso’s paintings, the car doesn’t seem to sport any relocated breasts. What bizarre powertrain conversions have you seen?


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3 Responses to “WWPD – 1981 BMW 320i KA-T”

  1. Tirefriar Says:

    Chris, I read your post in the morning yet the images kept coming back to me. This is truly hideous

  2. -T. Says:


  3. Wartzin All Says:

    good crap. thought this was more salvador dali than picasso, post wreck

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