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Double Vision – 1976 BMW 2002 Automatic and Parts Car

September 12, 2016

Among lovers of BMW’s 2002, the 1976 model year, fitted with the automatic transmission, is something like the V12 E-Type coupe with automatic is among Jaguar enthusiasts. You can still see the original vision somewhere in the car, but like fat Elvis, it’s lost its direction and edge, its vision blurred by emissions controls and safety regulations instead of drugs and food. But with the 2002 moving ever more firmly into collector territory, it’s time to give even this rendition a second chance. Let’s take a look at this 1976 BMW 2002 Automatic for sale for $2000 in Hayward/Castro Valley, CA.




Boxy Box – 1976 BMW 2002

January 22, 2016

Suppose you’re looking for a classic BMW for less money than you’d pay for yesterday’s non-running version of one of Alfa’s least-desirable North American models (which conveniently leaves out the Arna and Dauphine). Normally, your average car person would say “poppycock!” and move along to something more worthy of their attention, but in this case, it’s not crazy talk. You can pick up this 1976 BMW 2002 for $3000 in Portland, OR.

1976 BMW 2002 2 front


Lingering – 1975 BMW 2002

December 16, 2015

BMW’s 2002 is certainly a cult favorite, right up there with the VW Beetle, Volvo 122, and more in terms of its recognition among classic car enthusiasts. While it’s not the lowest-maintenance classic you can get, its issues are well-documented, and you could fairly say it’s a good starter classic for someone who would consider one of the above cars, or something in the same price bracket, like an MGB or Triumph TR6. While the engine isn’t quite as thrilling as some of its contemporaries, it’s certainly a fun car to drive with decent power and safe handling. So it’s surprising to see one linger on the market, especially when the price is on the fair side – check out this 1975 BMW 2002 for sale for $4000 in McMinnville, OR.

1975 BMW 2002 2 right front