Pow, Right in the Kisser – 1967 BMW 1600

One of the two key ingredients in BMW’s iconic 2002, the E10 BMW 1600 lives in the shadow of its bigger brother. But the early cars have their own charms, being from a time when we were less concerned about safety, and more about hey look at that shiny thing in each dial! Though a bit down on power, they have everything else that made the 2002 great – tall greenhouse, stark interior, and light, tossable platform. And you can always have the oddball appeal of having that proud “1600” badge on the back of the car, except when it’s been removed by a self-conscious previous owner, like on this 1967 BMW 1600 for sale for $2800 in Portland, OR.

1967 BMW 1600 left front

The color might actually be original – while not one of the more charming period colors like Mintgrun, Chamonix or Bristolgrau, this looks a little like the Fjord gray metallic, and a shot with the hood up shows either original paint around the engine or simply a thorough color change. Speaking of the engine, there’s only one shot showing it from a distance, and from there, things look pretty complete and original, which is a good thing. It’s not clear what size engine is installed, though, as the seller refers to it both as a 1600 and a 2002.

1967 BMW 1600 nose

Ouch. Whoever was driving might have regretted the low-back seats with no headrests when this happened. Fortunately the nose panel is still available from BMW, but you might have to work a little harder to get the grills – if you can, straighten them out until you find replacements. Fortunately, everything else looks pretty intact and straight, but the car’s been stored outdoors under a cover since 2013 when the seller left the country, so check carefully for rust. Evidently, there is mold on the interior, so the moisture is inside, it’s just a question of how far it’s come along in making its exit.

1967 BMW 1600 interior

Things don’t look terrible in here, with a nice, period wood-rim steering wheel and the early silver dollar gauges, chrome trim and short center console. Door panels look like a homebrew solution, and have component speakers installed. Hopefully the interior simply needs a good cleaning. The car is said to need a new battery and air in the tires, and after three years of inactivity, it will probably need some attention to the hydraulic system.

1967 BMW 1600 left rear

It’s hard to say what’s original here, but cars with license plate lights on the rear fascia (as opposed to the bumper) usually had overriders on the bumper. The “1600” badge, BMW roundel and early-style trim strip between the taillights seem to have gone lost as well. All things considered, if there’s relatively little rust and you’re not intimidated by a little body and resurrection work, this might be a good pick.


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One Response to “Pow, Right in the Kisser – 1967 BMW 1600”

  1. GaryB Says:

    See this thread for more details on the actual state of this car including a link to pics from someone who took the time to look at it: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/177045-1967-bmw-1600-in-portland-or/

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