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Not European – 1962 and 1960 Rover P5 Pair

June 25, 2016

Rovers, largely unknown and unrecognized in North America, are a great alternative choice in the wood-and-leather class of car. With an upright grill that apes nobody else’s, a large black-rimmed steering wheel, over-stuffed leather seats and a stout inline six-cylinder all contributed to the luxurious feeling of the P5, as did the leather rear bench with center and door armrests, as well as a reading lamp. All those features gained the car the approval of many prominent Britons, but of very few North Americans, with no Rover – P5, P6, or SD1 – seeming to have significant success in the New World. Fortunately, that makes them fairly affordable here – check out this pair of 1962 and 1960 Rover P5s, currently bid at $553 with 3 1/2 days left to go in Klamath Falls, OR.

1962 Rover P5 left front



Frozen Auntie – 1965 Rover P5 Coupe

September 5, 2014

You could easily say the last traditional Rover was the P5. After this, Rovers came with 4-cylinder engines and adapted all sorts of modern structural and safety features. With 129hp from its straight six, its power was probably as adequate for its size as the Rolls Royce’s was for its size. Few of these cars remain in North America, although with British sedans being more popular in Canada, some made it into the US that way. One car that might have followed that path is this 1965 Rover P5 Coupe for sale for $1500 in Anchorage, AK.

1965 Rover P5 Coupe left front


Commonwealth Saloons – 1967 Rover P5 Mark III 3-Liter

March 4, 2014

A little higher up the pay scale from the Austin A55 Cambridge is the junior executive Rover. Not quite a Jaguar, far from a Rolls or Bentley, but maybe on a level with the Humber Super Snipe is the Rover P5. For some reason, Rover decided to make a 4-door coupe 4 decades before it was cool for the Germans to do it. Perhaps this was Rover’s attempt at going up against the more rakish Jaguars, or maybe one of Rover’s design directors spent some time in America checking out the hot rod scene. Either way, it makes for an interesting look, and gives it a level of elegance not found in the regular saloon. You can find this 1967 Rover P5 Mark III 3-liter Coupe for sale for $2000 in Chemainus, BC, on Vancouver Island.

1967 Rover P5 3 Liter right rear