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Eighties Renault Grab Bag – Two Fuegos, a GTA, and a Medallion

October 29, 2010

Note: Found this unpublished article in my posts. So the ads may no longer be up, but an interesting read nonetheless.

To break the chain of Fiats, we’ve got a handful of interesting Renaults. Personally, I lean more towards the stuff they made in the 60s and 70s, but some of the 80s products were noteworthy, at least to a funny furrin’ car lover. And there are some real oddballs out there still… these cars came around at a point when Renault was already having a bumpy time of it in the US market.

This car was already featured on Just A Car Geek, but I still think it’s worth including in the group. With only 24,800 miles, it’s been parked with a blown head gasket since Bush Sr. was in office, so that engine will be locked up good and tight. On the bright side, even though its body is rust-free (or nearly so) and the red paint is shiny, nobody will be able to steal it. It even has a cool Webasto-style rollback sunroof. Pick it up for $1100 in Novi, MI.

1983 Renault Fuego turbo red