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31 Cents per Pound – 1974 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

June 27, 2014

Even in this era of six figure Porsches, and other once-affordable classics also accelerating in price, you can still find something interesting for a tenth the cost of a new Kia if you know where to look. Granted, that won’t always get you a sports car, and it won’t always get you something for burning through back roads, but it will get you an interesting car that was once the top of a manufacturer’s line. And it doesn’t even have to be from the fully depreciated late 1980s, early 1990s era – you can get a ginuwine, Nixon-era (nearly) car with a lot more style and probably less total cost per mile than the new Kia. You can find this 1974 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe for sale for a mere $1500 in Napa, CA.

1974 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe left front