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Handlebar Mustache Required – 1980 Pontiac Trans Am and 1964 Chevrolet G10

April 11, 2016

If you have a handlebar mustache – original dating back to the seventies, or ironic recent growth – your choice of suitable transport is fairly limited. You can’t really have that kind of bold, in-your-face declaration of style and then drive a ’92 Honda Civic or, say, a ’10 Toyota Sienna – you need something that matches your facial hair. With such a divisive but timeless look, you need a similarly divisive ride that’s grown into timelessness by coming back thanks to a healthy amount of elapsed time as well as a similar dose of irony in current pop culture. So the first car, predictably, is this 1980 Pontiac Trans Am for sale for $3600 somewhere in Clark or Cowlitz counties, WA.

1980 Pontiac Trans Am right front



Not Creepy At All – 1977 Dodge Tradesman and 1980 Chevrolet Malibu

April 6, 2016

Perusing the local online listings can sometimes turn up some unintended gems. Most enthusiasts of small, cheap foreign sportscars don’t go hunting for conversion vans, but the wilds of the internet allow exposure to vehicles you might not ordinarily find in the local car club listings. And so it is that we come across a couple of not-interesting-yet-interesting items – a 1970s kustom van and a converted Malaise-era Chevrolet Malibu wagon. Neither is a particularly inspiring drive in its original state, and perhaps remains so in its current state, but both manage to pique at least momentary interest from enthusiasts. To start, let’s take a look at this 1977 Dodge Tradesman for sale for $1200 in Sumner, WA.

1977 Dodge Tradesman left side


Hondaihatsu Goldjet – 1989 Daihatsu Hijet with Goldwing Engine

March 25, 2016

There’s something fun about the idea of a tiny little van, shorter than most compact cars, that’s able to transport six people. Nobody said anything about comfort, but who doesn’t like a Fiat Multipla or its immediate successors? Sadly, the same people who drop six figures on a German bus with too many windows have caught wind of those, so you’ll have to do the usual and be a bit creative about other options. With the rolling 25-year EPA and DOT exemptions, combined with their sale in this continent as off-road maintenance vehicles for large commercial properties, quite a few of the Japanese 550cc Kei vans are slipping into North America. That said, if you don’t like the power in such a tiny van, and don’t have the means to get a hot-rod Kei engine out of one of the sportier variants, what choice do you have but to find a wrecked Goldwing and scavenge its 1800cc flat six, as seen in this 1989 Daihatsu Hijet with Goldwing power for sale for $4000 in Port Saint Lucie, FL?

1989 Daihatsu Hijet right front