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Cutest Car Yet? 1962 Volvo 544

April 18, 2010

Without looking, this could be the oldest car featured yet on this blog. Older cars in the $3Kish price range are normally projects, undrivable, or both, and aren’t usually as usable on today’s roads. But getting into the early 60s, with the advent of disc brakes, more modern suspensions, and unibody construction becoming more and more common. Most cars by this point, even with more modest 4-cylinder engines found in cars like Volvos, are powerful enough to keep up with modern traffic.

Starting in 1962, Volvo started putting its B18 1.8 liter, 5 main bearing engine in the 544. Cars were additionally upgraded to a modern 12-volt electrical system. Larger taillights also add to the safety of 1960s cars. US-market cars mostly got twin carburetor engines with 90hp, and performance upgrades are readily available, even today, to push these engines up to 200hp and beyond. Listed in Springfield, MO, this “CUTE” 1962 544 is priced at $3500.

1962 Volvo 544 left