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Hoard Sale #2 – Alfa, Mercedes, VW

January 19, 2014

Depending on your perspective, hoards of old cars are either sad or interesting. But they’re also kind of like a car accident – you can’t look away. And here at RustyButTrusty HQ, it’s hard to look away from hoards containing small, sporty, or underdog cars, particularly imported ones. So let’s start off with a selection from a hoard in eastern West Virginia (wait, isn’t that just Virginia?) – this 1970s VW Treehuggers Edition Beetle, for sale in Ranson, WV. And yes, there’s no price, but you know the saying – if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Thanks to reader Dave for finding this listing.

1970s VW Beetle Hoard orange bug



Hoard Sale – From Alfa to Volvo

December 17, 2013

Most often, sales of large collections are full of a bunch of junk, and only one or two gems. However, when the seller is a retiring European car mechanic, you’re bound to get some interesting finds. The seller’s father was in the business for 30 years, and clearly felt the same about cars as some people feel about dogs, cats, or friends with emotional trauma – they love the idea of a project. This project car collection is for sale in Olympia, WA, with no asking prices, aside from a request not to offer scrap prices (although what that is, is not clear). To start us off, here’s a 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6 with no obvious damage, although protracted outdoor storage in what looks to be a damp forest will mean it needs a lot.

1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6 hoard sale