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From the Alps – 1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT

April 9, 2016

Sixties and seventies coupes and GT cars on the affordable end of the scale are a big part of the content here, and cars like Capris and Alfetta GTs are frequent features. Sunbeam Alpines in the later Hillman Hunter-based version have interesting Barracuda-influenced styling and a powerplant that, fitted with the optional Holbay head, can produce a decent amount of power. What’s more is, if you go for this later Alpine hardtop, you get a pillarless style as a bonus. Unfortunately, the cars were never as cherished as their earlier convertible siblings, and so most of them are projects – some better, some worse. Fortunately, a fairly decent looking one has come up recently – check out this 1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT for sale for $2150 in Vancouver, WA.

1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT right rear



Graaand Touring – 1972 MG BGT

March 19, 2016

After yesterday’s featured MGB LE, it’s time to make sure those of you who are uncomfortable with that ragtop business or the heavy-handed updates to a classic design also have a choice. Fortunately, the world of MG provides for you too, and without emptying your wallet, either. Sure, most of the best MG BGTs have moved out of our range, but with a bit of careful digging, you can find a decent car that will provide lots of fun in that basic-fun MGB way. Let’s check out this 1972 MG BGT for sale for $3500 in Austin, TX.

1972 MGB GT left side


Snow White – 1988 VW Scirocco 16V

March 5, 2016

There were lots of popular things to do in the 1980s. For car enthusiasts, one of those things was copying Ferrari Testarossas. Pickup trucks got side strakes. Alfas got 5-spoke star wheels from the factory. And plenty of cars got pop-up headlights, though the Testarossa was not the only one influencing this trend. Tuner cars got wide, boxy fenders with wheels to match and louvers over their tail lights. For a taste of some (questionable) 1980s aesthetics blended with some updates, check out this 1988 VW Scirocco 16V for sale for $3500 in Portland, OR.

1988 VW Scirocco left front