Graaand Touring – 1972 MG BGT

After yesterday’s featured MGB LE, it’s time to make sure those of you who are uncomfortable with that ragtop business or the heavy-handed updates to a classic design also have a choice. Fortunately, the world of MG provides for you too, and without emptying your wallet, either. Sure, most of the best MG BGTs have moved out of our range, but with a bit of careful digging, you can find a decent car that will provide lots of fun in that basic-fun MGB way. Let’s check out this 1972 MG BGT for sale for $3500 in Austin, TX.

1972 MGB GT left side

It’s fairly unusual to find an MGB of any kind in black, except an LE, so if this is factory paint, it’s a bit of a rarity. As with the other car, there does seem to be some oxidation and clearcoat failure, and the car is said to be in need of some unspecified attention. The seller repeatedly says the car is up for sale to be replaced with a daily driver, which begs the question of this one’s shortcomings. Not much else is given in the way of details, and the listing even lacks an engine shot.

1972 MGB GT right rear

Here’s where you can see some of the paint damage. Stance looks factory correct, and the Rostyle wheels are cool in a 1970s way. Everything looks complete and straight, though the oversized tail pipe belongs on a Honda, and hopefully doesn’t produce the buzzy drone so common on lowered Civics. Other shots show a lack of brightwork around the windshield, and some perforation ahead of the driver’s rear wheel. If that’s all the corrosion, you’re pretty lucky, as Austin’s climate is not the friendliest towards old metal, plastic and rubber.

1972 MGB GT interior

Are the hairy legs included? Since they’re in the picture, you can probably negotiate a price drop if they’re not. The shift knob and fire extinguisher are nice touches, though you better hope the latter is a CO2 unit to avoid any nasty messes and engine damage, should the worst happen. Chrome-rimmed gauges fronted by a 3-spoke, drilled steering wheel is a classic sports car look, and the dash top looks in good condition. What could this car possibly need, and are you willing to contact the seller to find out?


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