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Graaand Touring – 1972 MG BGT

March 19, 2016

After yesterday’s featured MGB LE, it’s time to make sure those of you who are uncomfortable with that ragtop business or the heavy-handed updates to a classic design also have a choice. Fortunately, the world of MG provides for you too, and without emptying your wallet, either. Sure, most of the best MG BGTs have moved out of our range, but with a bit of careful digging, you can find a decent car that will provide lots of fun in that basic-fun MGB way. Let’s check out this 1972 MG BGT for sale for $3500 in Austin, TX.

1972 MGB GT left side



Not Bad – 1968 MG BGT

May 19, 2014

With the attrition of increasingly older post-war sports cars, the remaining examples seem to be becoming more and more costly. So where you could get a running (if somewhat dilapidated) car with the remnants of an open top and a fruity exhaust note, perhaps enhanced by a couple of leaks, that is no longer as common an option. Poking around classifieds will still net you some of those deals of the past, though, and many of those are the cars highlighted here. Check out this 1968 MG BGT, for sale for $1200 in Petaluma, CA.

1968 MG BGT right front