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Graaand Touring – 1972 MG BGT

March 19, 2016

After yesterday’s featured MGB LE, it’s time to make sure those of you who are uncomfortable with that ragtop business or the heavy-handed updates to a classic design also have a choice. Fortunately, the world of MG provides for you too, and without emptying your wallet, either. Sure, most of the best MG BGTs have moved out of our range, but with a bit of careful digging, you can find a decent car that will provide lots of fun in that basic-fun MGB way. Let’s check out this 1972 MG BGT for sale for $3500 in Austin, TX.

1972 MGB GT left side



Sports & Exotic Inspiration Wrap Up – Spitfire, Spider, and B

January 27, 2010

As you might have noticed, I’ve been featuring cars discussed in a recent article in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, or at least near relatives thereof. The first two were a Mazda RX-7 and a Porsche 924S (they featured the 944), which left me with the following cars. Given the self-imposed limit of $3000, the search for an affordable example of each was not such a resounding success, especially when compared with the first two. Since these cars were available starting in the sixties, I added an additional constraint of being pre-1975 to make smogging easier for those of us who need to. Since each of these cars has been featured in the past, I’m not going to give each its own article. With that said, let’s get into it:

First up is a 1970 Triumph Spitfire. As a popular older car, parts are not that hard to find or that expensive. Further, it’s not hard to find a mechanically decent example that could use some cosmetic help in the future, while serving as a driver. This car, in Medical Lake, WA (near Spokane), is such a car. The owner invested a lot in the mechanicals, and the car now needs attention to a rough idle (attributed to the cam), along with paint and interior work. Since the work was done a while ago, count on doing some shake-down and then moving on to the looks department.

1970 Triumph Spitfire