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Watercooled Freitag – 1976 VW Scirocco

April 15, 2016

If you’re looking for a coupe with trend-leading 1970s styling, but can’t justify a Lotus Esprit or Maserati Bora, you’d be remiss in not considering the Mk1 VW Scirocco. It has many similar design elements, including the trapezoidal windshield, sloping hood, and fastback rear end. Of course, you won’t get exotic stuff like a Renault 4-cylinder (wait, what?), fiberglass body, or thumping Italian V8, but the aftermarket and knowledge base for modifying older VWs are not exactly lacking. If you go looking for a Mk1 Scirocco, you’ll no doubt find plenty of series 2 cars with updated plastic bumpers, wheels, and more, but VW geeks will appreciate the purity of the original version’s styling. That’s why you should look at this 1976 VW Scirocco for sale for $3200 in Vancouver, WA.

1976 VW Scirocco left front



Snow White – 1988 VW Scirocco 16V

March 5, 2016

There were lots of popular things to do in the 1980s. For car enthusiasts, one of those things was copying Ferrari Testarossas. Pickup trucks got side strakes. Alfas got 5-spoke star wheels from the factory. And plenty of cars got pop-up headlights, though the Testarossa was not the only one influencing this trend. Tuner cars got wide, boxy fenders with wheels to match and louvers over their tail lights. For a taste of some (questionable) 1980s aesthetics blended with some updates, check out this 1988 VW Scirocco 16V for sale for $3500 in Portland, OR.

1988 VW Scirocco left front


ItalDesign Classic – 1978 VW Scirocco

June 2, 2015

Since cars like VW’s Scirocco are not seen as classics by many in the vintage car scene, they’re an unrecognized bargain. For some reason, Italian design plus simple German mechanicals do not add up to a usable classic car, yet at this point the Mark 1 cars are at least 34 years old. If you’re not convinced by age or design, how about the fact these Karmann-built cars rust with the best of them and can suffer electrical problems brought on by leaking windshield seals? Check out this 1978 VW Scirocco for sale for $2800 in Vancouver, WA.

1978 VW Scirocco left front