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Automatic American – 1969 Austin America

October 7, 2015

Here’s another old car that fits into the same category as the BMW 2002 from yesterday – a fun, light, simple car with sporting pretensions. While the Austin America was certainly a cheaper car, the “Big Mini” nickname is absolutely true, and with the low beltline, large glass area, and decent room for four in comfortable seats, it is a pretty compelling and often-overlooked classic. Unfortunately, part of its undoing in this country was the 4-speed automatic transmission, but if you can look after it properly – not too hard assuming limited mileage on a classic car – this is a great candidate for sharing your love of car shows, club tours, and the friendships that come with the hobby. Check out this 1969 Austin America for sale for $1495 in Portland, OR.

1969 Austin America OEW right side



Happen-Stance – 1967 MG 1100

August 26, 2014

With all the effort “kids these days” are putting into stancing their cars (lowering on coil-overs, stretching too-small tires over too-wide wheels, and more), you’d think some would have figured out stance happens – nature is already doing the job for them. Cars with unusual suspensions like the Mercedes 300SEL 6.3, Citroen DS, and the ADO16 British Leyland products all have suspensions that, after 40-50 years, are prone to failure. This sets them down on their bump stops, giving them that cat-dragging-its-belly-on-the-ground look. Were they to pick up one of these cars, all they’d need to add is some wide tires on small diameter, deep-dish wheels with crazy camber and presto! For a halfway-done stance project, check out this 1967 MG 1100 for sale for $1500 in Lancaster, CA.

1967 MG 1100 right front


Going Abroad – 1965 Innocenti-Morris IM3

March 21, 2014

As we saw today with the Alfa Romeo Arna, it was not uncommon for Italian manufacturers to build other nations’ cars under license. Here is another example of the practice – the Innocenti-Morris IM3. Innocenti had already built two BMC cars under license, the A40 and the 950 Spider (based on the Spridget). It had the twin-carburetor 1100cc engine, altered front-end styling, a different dash cluster, and other more minor details. You can find this 1965 Innocenti-Morris IM3 for sale for €1500 ($2069) in Milan, Italy.

1965 Innocenti-Morris IM3 left front