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Happen-Stance – 1967 MG 1100

August 26, 2014

With all the effort “kids these days” are putting into stancing their cars (lowering on coil-overs, stretching too-small tires over too-wide wheels, and more), you’d think some would have figured out stance happens – nature is already doing the job for them. Cars with unusual suspensions like the Mercedes 300SEL 6.3, Citroen DS, and the ADO16 British Leyland products all have suspensions that, after 40-50 years, are prone to failure. This sets them down on their bump stops, giving them that cat-dragging-its-belly-on-the-ground look. Were they to pick up one of these cars, all they’d need to add is some wide tires on small diameter, deep-dish wheels with crazy camber and presto! For a halfway-done stance project, check out this 1967 MG 1100 for sale for $1500 in Lancaster, CA.

1967 MG 1100 right front



Behind Door #3 – 1958 Fiat 1100 103D

June 10, 2014

Back in the days when GM, Chrysler and Ford were appending giant tailfins to their cars, and manufacturers around the world couldn’t decide which way the doors should open, Fiat released the 1100 into the marketplace. If you’ll recall, the 1950s and 1960s produced cars with suicide doors in the front, suicide doors in the back, gullwing doors, sliding doors, and no doors at all. Lancia’s Appia even had no b-pillar and rear suicide doors to aid access. Interestingly, there was no car with suicide doors front and rear. Check out this 1958 Fiat 1100 for sale for $2800 in Sanger, CA.

1958 Fiat 1100 left front


1950s Euro Family Cars – Fiat Millecento vs. Renault Dauphine

February 5, 2011

If you’re anything like me (and I’m sure you are, if you’re readying this) you’ve wondered what compact sedan comparisons were like back in 1959. Well, here’s your answer! With 45 raging Italian stallions against 27 Gitane-smoking, beret-wearing French ones, it’s little question who will win the race, but the question is, who cares? We’re not really going for speed here. And for the record, I haven’t actually wondered about 50-year-old comparison tests… but I have wondered what it would be like to own one of these charming little euroboxes.

Continuing with the bad buff-book metaphors, in this corner, we have our Italian contender. It bears mentioning that even though this car wouldn’t actually win you any races, it does qualify you to get into several. And if you’re worried about speed, you should have several options, especially if you speak Italian, since these were used as the basis for many racing specials when they were current. But since they’re Italian, you should be able to give them a pretty decent flogging without having to worry too much about it. All you need to do is contact the New York-based owner to see the car in Arizona, where it’s listed for sale with Minnesota plates for $3000.

1959 Fiat Millecento left