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RustyButTrusty on the Street, UK Edition – Land Rover, VW, Peugeot, Austin, Morris

May 23, 2015

As you might have guessed by the 2-week silent period, travel took the place of car hunting (though not entirely – there was a candidate for the RustyButTrusty fleet that needed evaluating, which ended up seeming Rusty but not Trusty). And it’s amazing to see in person how, in spite of a climate that’s not very supportive of the classic car hobby, there are many old cars on the roads of England, even London. Among the cars not covered in this post were a short-wheelbase topless Mini, a Panther, Lotus 7, MGB, Triumph TR6, a pair of Peugeot 205s, and more. But let’s start with ones that were moving too slowly to escape a shooter hindered by a cell phone with a security code, like this Q-plated Land Rover 1/2 ton lightweight, parked on the market square in Newbury, England. Unlike other lettered plates, which correspond to a certain year, Q-plated cars (Q is for “query”) are of an undetermined build year, so this designation is used for ex-military vehicles, former write-offs, and more. The car itself is quite interesting, having been specified as light weight to be airlifted.




Rare Mog – 1961 Morris Oxford Series V

April 15, 2014

Sometimes, cars that are mundane in their home country (or in a country where many were sold) are interesting in another, just for their ubiquity. Take the obvious – Corolla and Camry, boring. Toyota Carina or Crown? Mildly interesting, at least from a North American perspective. So for today we have a car that, while dead common in the United Kingdom (and probably many of its colonies), should at least be mildly interesting for anyone outside of its primary domain. You can find this 1961 Morris Oxford Series V for sale for C$3900 in Tsawwassen, BC.

1961 Morris Oxford Series V interior


Going Abroad – 1965 Innocenti-Morris IM3

March 21, 2014

As we saw today with the Alfa Romeo Arna, it was not uncommon for Italian manufacturers to build other nations’ cars under license. Here is another example of the practice – the Innocenti-Morris IM3. Innocenti had already built two BMC cars under license, the A40 and the 950 Spider (based on the Spridget). It had the twin-carburetor 1100cc engine, altered front-end styling, a different dash cluster, and other more minor details. You can find this 1965 Innocenti-Morris IM3 for sale for €1500 ($2069) in Milan, Italy.

1965 Innocenti-Morris IM3 left front