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Automatic American – 1969 Austin America

October 7, 2015

Here’s another old car that fits into the same category as the BMW 2002 from yesterday – a fun, light, simple car with sporting pretensions. While the Austin America was certainly a cheaper car, the “Big Mini” nickname is absolutely true, and with the low beltline, large glass area, and decent room for four in comfortable seats, it is a pretty compelling and often-overlooked classic. Unfortunately, part of its undoing in this country was the 4-speed automatic transmission, but if you can look after it properly – not too hard assuming limited mileage on a classic car – this is a great candidate for sharing your love of car shows, club tours, and the friendships that come with the hobby. Check out this 1969 Austin America for sale for $1495 in Portland, OR.

1969 Austin America OEW right side



No Honeys Needed – 1969 Austin America with Honda Engine

October 11, 2013

With all the Austin Americas featured here, you’d think they sold in vast numbers in America. Well, they didn’t do too badly until it became clear they weren’t up to handling American roads in combination with American car maintenance habits. The likely underdeveloped automatic didn’t help things either. Well, here’s a car that should solve all the reliability problems, any issues you have with lacking power, and the engine itself will be low maintenance to boot. IF you can get it installed. Honda engine conversions are not unusual among the Mini crowd, so obviously that translates to their big brother too, right? Right? You can find this 1969 Austin Hondamerica for $1800 as a full kit, or for $500 without the Honda bits, in Federal Way, WA, just north of Seattle.

1969 Austin America red rear


Oldest Trick in the Book – 1969 Austin America

September 12, 2013

As you’ve seen in previous posts over the years, this is a great handling little car if you want something bigger than a Mini. They also have a very typical 1960s European look that would make them at home under many badges – can you see the shared styling cues with, say, a VW type 3 fastback? They’re also fun because many of the A-series engine upgrades applicable to Minis and Spridgets can be used in this car as well. But what really sealed the deal on this car was the seller’s use of the oldest trick in the book – getting his girlfriend/wife/mother/daughter to pose with the car in some revealing clothing. You can find this Austin America (and the girl, if you’re that easily fooled) in Tucson, AZ, with bidding currently around $400 and the reserve not met.

1969 Austin America right rear