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RustyButTrusty on the Street – Pontiac and BMW 3-fer

February 24, 2014

As San Francisco is an interesting place for spotting unusual (or at least old) cars, so are Oakland and Berkeley. And for people who live where interesting cars are a not-too-uncommon sight among the hoardes of Priuses, Accords and F150s, you owe it to yourself to not forget to appreciate where you are. Our first car is a 1973 Pontiac Catalina coupe. Wait, you say, Pontiac? Sure, they’re an orphan brand now, but there are loads of those still on the streets! Well, with attrition, some of the less-popular versions of the General’s platforms have become as rare as cars that had much-lower sales numbers when new. Who knows what engine this car has in it – anything from the 350 to the 455, with a less-than-impressive horsepower range of 150 (boohoohoo) to 250 (meh).



You Stay Klassey, San Diego – 1969 BMW 2000 tilux Neue Klasse sedan

May 4, 2010

Here’s an interesting car… I can see the tagline now: The practicality of the Bavaria, with the sportiness of the 2002! Who could resist? It also seems like this could be a good competitor to an Alfa Giulia TI/Super, or the later Berlina… sporty, four doors, and the powerplant of its sportier sibling. Maybe some adventurous person could even drop in an engine from a 2002tii and a later five speed, so you’d have nearly the powertrain specs of the equivalent Alfa sedans, barring the more costly aluminum head/block and the twin cams.

But anyway, enough of my convoluted automotive fantasies. This 1969 2000 tilux is the final iteration of the Neue Klasse sedan as it was available in the US market. It’s got the wider taillights, and the rectangular Euro-market headlights. One interesting design feature on this model is how the clamshell-style trunk lid extends all the way forward to the trailing edge of the rear door. This Chamonix white car (along with a blue parts car with front-end damage) is listed for $2500 in Huntington Beach, CA, near Los Angeles.

1969 BMW 2000 tilux right