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Alte Klasse – 1966 BMW 1600 Neue Klasse

May 7, 2014

Update, 5/7/14: Three months later, it looks like someone picked this up, took it down to Southern California, and a quick respray and reupholstering job later, along with new brakes, carpeting, alternator, tune-up and carb, it’s up for auction with an opening bid at an eye-watering $11,000. Wish him luck realizing what would be a strong profit if someone bites on this one!

Original post, 1/29/14: Would you believe the BMW Neue Klasse had its 50th anniversary back in 2012? That’s right, five zero. And the improved version of the original 1500, the 1600, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. And yet for a 50-year-old car, they remain quite driveable in modern traffic, because all the things that made them great when they were new, like good brakes and handling, and decent power, still make them competent drivers by today’s standards. Perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch for the earlier Neue Klasse cars – the 1600 sedan, for example, had 83hp and 83 lb.-ft. of torque pulling along its 2315 lb. for a top speed of 93mph. So you’ll need to flog it a bit – check out this 1966 BMW 1600 Neue Klasse for sale in Redwood City, CA for $2950.

1966 BMW 1600 right front


Model 120 – 1967 BMW 2000CS

December 11, 2013

The gorgeous BMW E9 coupes are among the cars quickly escaping the reach of the average collector/driver. Looking around, you’ll see their immediate predecessor, known internally at BMW as the Model 120, and to the general public as the 2000C and 2000CS. These cars have lived in the shadow of their younger E9 siblings since about 1968, due to their unique front-end styling and 4-cylinder engines. In specific, the 2000C with its 100hp single-carb engine and automatic transmission was a bit of a dog. However, BMW woke the car up a bit with the dual carburetor, manual shift 2000CS, which put out 120hp. Some careful modifications can turn this into a fairly competitive car compared to its contemporaries (Alfa Romeo GTV, anyone?), and you still get that gorgeous greenhouse found on the later E9 cars. You can find this 1967 BMW 2000CS for sale in Arlington, VA for $1800.

1967 BMW 2000CS left side


You Stay Klassey, San Diego – 1969 BMW 2000 tilux Neue Klasse sedan

May 4, 2010

Here’s an interesting car… I can see the tagline now: The practicality of the Bavaria, with the sportiness of the 2002! Who could resist? It also seems like this could be a good competitor to an Alfa Giulia TI/Super, or the later Berlina… sporty, four doors, and the powerplant of its sportier sibling. Maybe some adventurous person could even drop in an engine from a 2002tii and a later five speed, so you’d have nearly the powertrain specs of the equivalent Alfa sedans, barring the more costly aluminum head/block and the twin cams.

But anyway, enough of my convoluted automotive fantasies. This 1969 2000 tilux is the final iteration of the Neue Klasse sedan as it was available in the US market. It’s got the wider taillights, and the rectangular Euro-market headlights. One interesting design feature on this model is how the clamshell-style trunk lid extends all the way forward to the trailing edge of the rear door. This Chamonix white car (along with a blue parts car with front-end damage) is listed for $2500 in Huntington Beach, CA, near Los Angeles.

1969 BMW 2000 tilux right