Alte Klasse – 1966 BMW 1600 Neue Klasse

Update, 5/7/14: Three months later, it looks like someone picked this up, took it down to Southern California, and a quick respray and reupholstering job later, along with new brakes, carpeting, alternator, tune-up and carb, it’s up for auction with an opening bid at an eye-watering $11,000. Wish him luck realizing what would be a strong profit if someone bites on this one!

Original post, 1/29/14: Would you believe the BMW Neue Klasse had its 50th anniversary back in 2012? That’s right, five zero. And the improved version of the original 1500, the 1600, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. And yet for a 50-year-old car, they remain quite driveable in modern traffic, because all the things that made them great when they were new, like good brakes and handling, and decent power, still make them competent drivers by today’s standards. Perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch for the earlier Neue Klasse cars – the 1600 sedan, for example, had 83hp and 83 lb.-ft. of torque pulling along its 2315 lb. for a top speed of 93mph. So you’ll need to flog it a bit – check out this 1966 BMW 1600 Neue Klasse for sale in Redwood City, CA for $2950.

1966 BMW 1600 right front

Can you see any rust on this white car? Unless it’s got bubbling that hasn’t broken through yet, this car looks remarkably clean for a driver-condition car – most of these are either complete sheds out of someone’s back yard, or fanatically maintained by a BMW CCA member. There does look to be a bit of a depression at the rear of the front door, but that might just be the picture.

1966 BMW 1600 left rear

The car is said to run, but will need attention to make it a reliable driver. That cut line down the side is interesting, and seems superfluous – perhaps they were worried about it looking too slab-sided? Either way, it’s a great, simple, clean design. Note that on these earlier sedans, there’s amazing access to the trunk – the lid is a clamshell type, but it also has a low loading lip (level with the base of the tail lights).

1966 BMW 1600 badge

Detail shot of the badge, with a cool 3D effect on the numbering. The BMW logo seems completely worn from washing. Curiously, there’s another round badge on the right side of the trunk lid – perhaps an ADAC badge, or some other car club? Too bad this car doesn’t have its black plates any more – you’ll have to put in for some of the new ones the DMV is planning to issue.

1966 BMW 1600 rear seat

Unfortunately, the seller only provides a shot of the back seat to give an idea of the interior condition. Unsurprisingly, it looks rather sun baked on the top, which should give you an idea of the level of cracking on the dash, and tearing of the front seats. The seller seems to be flipping the car, so there may be a bit more room for bargaining, as long as he gets a profit out of it. There is one other one for sale in the SF Bay Area for about $7500, so if you can’t swing that, this may be your chance to get into a pre-2002 BMW!


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One Response to “Alte Klasse – 1966 BMW 1600 Neue Klasse”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    Wow, that refurb was really done on the cheap too; I use too clean up shabby cars with the quickie $200 repaint and interior spiffin’, (‘cuz good running ugly cars are harder to move then bad running cars that looks pretty) but I generally didn’t expect a $7K profit for it. I also think this looked better before the seller buttered it up.

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