Audi GT Junior – 1985 Audi GT

Audi wanted a more accessible version of their ground-breaking Quattro, so much like Alfa Romeo with the GTA, they de-flared and re-engined the famous coupe to make it more accessible to regular consumers. Offered in various versions, buyers could still have the 5-cylinder engine and/or all-wheel-drive, but not the iconic fender flares or the turbo. In late 1984, a facelifted model was introduced, with one-piece flush headlights, updated grill, wraparound front bumper with flush fog and turn/running lights, and rear Quattro-style spoiler. In this case, the later car’s styling is more appealing – you can find this 1985 Audi GT for sale for $4400 in Downey, CA.

1985 Audi GT right rear

Unfortunately, the seller only provides two photographs, but sometimes the best deals also have the poorest presentation, so don’t let that hold you back. It’s said to have many stock upgraded parts, though it’s not clear what exactly that means – stock and upgraded seem to be mutually exclusive terms. The dash is said to be clean, with all gauges functional, working air conditioning and power windows, and no leaks. Per the seller, the car has “close synchronic shifting” and “Handles corners like no other; CAR CAN”. Lotus Elise owners might have something to say about that, but they’re paying a lot more for the pleasure. Close synchronic shifting sounds awesome, though it’s not clear what that is.

1985 Audi GT right front

While the pictures don’t give a lot of detail, the car looks generally well-kept, and they’re not enough to scare anyone off. While it has no plates, it’s on non-operational status, so there will be no back fees. These cars lived in the shadow of their competitors and the Quattro itself, but taken on their own merits, are supposed to be quite good to drive. If you’re looking at seventies and eighties coupes, you could do a lot worse than considering an Audi GT.


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