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Ur-Minivan – 1961 Austin Mini Van

July 23, 2014

Another thing that adds to the interest factor for cars is if they’re unusually small (unusually big is cool too, but since the size of the average North American car is pretty big anyways, that becomes impractical pretty quickly), or if they’re in a rarely-seen utilitarian version. Think of station wagons, half-cars/utes, and panel vans based on wagons – what isn’t cool about those? Okay, outward vision isn’t… anyhow, here’s a vehicle that covers a trifecta of cool-car criteria. It’s unusually small, it’s a wagon-based panel van, and it’s fun around the corners – check out this 1961 Austin Mini van for sale for $2500 in Chino Hills, CA.

1961 Austin Mini van left rear



RustyButTrusty on the Street – Alfa, Mini, Mercedes, Volvo

July 19, 2014

Welcome back to RustyButTrusty on the Street, where we take a look at recent sightings of people using classic cars as they were originally intended. First up is the RustyButTrust 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider, which was a surprise participant in the 2014 Motherlode 400 Rally since the Alfetta was still down for repair. 40ish classic cars hit the small town of Hornitos, CA for lunch, and you have to wonder what the locals thought at being swarmed by that many old cars at once. In the background, you can see another participant’s 1969 GTV. The driving on this year’s Motherlode Rally was amazing as usual, with more technical driving than some other vintage rallies and two nights at the same location so you needn’t drag everything with you.



Another Steal? 1987 Austin Mini

June 3, 2014

The Mini is one of those iconic classic cars that everyone should experience at some point. Trouble is, while many of the more popular classics are quite accessible, for the North American audience, Minis are beyond the reach of the bargain basement enthusiast. So it’s a pleasant surprise to find a Mini that’s in apparently good condition, without any tacky modifications, and even left hand drive. Check out this 1987 Austin Mini for sale for C$4500 ($4100 today) in Delta, BC.

1987 Austin Mini right side