Another Steal? 1987 Austin Mini

The Mini is one of those iconic classic cars that everyone should experience at some point. Trouble is, while many of the more popular classics are quite accessible, for the North American audience, Minis are beyond the reach of the bargain basement enthusiast. So it’s a pleasant surprise to find a Mini that’s in apparently good condition, without any tacky modifications, and even left hand drive. Check out this 1987 Austin Mini for sale for C$4500 ($4100 today) in Delta, BC.

1987 Austin Mini right side

The car is said to be a running project, although the seller seems to suggest it can be driven as-is. It sports a rebuilt carburetor and new spark plugs, points, oil filter, and tune-up on the 998cc engine. The transmission is a 4-speed, and the classic Minilite-style wheels sport new tires. For some reason it also has new fender flares – hopefully these are not covering up rust on the fender lips.

1987 Austin Mini left side

The car’s color combination is really quite attractive, and not one of the all-too-common Mini colors. From what you can see in the pictures, the interior is also in reasonable condition, although you’d probably want some headrests on those seats (for minor impacts only) if you were to drive the car in any sort of traffic. If you’re in a state with liberal smog laws, or already have the fortune of living in Canada, would you head over there with a fistful of readies and your size tens on?


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One Response to “Another Steal? 1987 Austin Mini”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    This really is a great deal if it ain’t a rot box.

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