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Collector Car Appreciation Day – 1973 Ford Pinto

July 8, 2016

With the benefit of hindsight, Ford’s Pinto was an interesting attempt at beating the Europeans and Japanese at their own game. What the Big 3, 4, or 5 considered “compacts” in the past were, by comparison to most imported cars, full-sized and often sported six-cylinder engines that, while fuel efficient compared to their V8 siblings, were by no means miserly with the dino-juice. And while Ford previously offered the Cortina as an economy option, the Pinto was their first North-American designed subcompact offering. And that’s as good a reason as any to feature a Pinto on July 8, Collector Car Appreciation Day, so let’s take a look at this 1973 Ford Pinto for sale for $2800 somewhere in the vicinity of Portland, OR.

1973 Ford Pinto right front



Cumberford and Mott’s Light – 1981 Subaru GL Hatchback

June 29, 2016

Though there were plenty of cars before the 1980s with cyclops front lights, like the Rover P4 and Tucker 48, it seems likely the Subaru Leone of the early 1980s will be the last to offer that feature from the factory. These lights were often used as a supplementary light for turning – though most notably, the Citroen ID/DS featured two inboard lights that turned with the front wheels – but lighting technology has advanced to the point where the addition of a separately mounted turning light is no longer needed. So let’s take a moment to celebrate an example of the last cyclops-light car, this 1981 Subaru GL hatchback for sale for $3750 in Milwaukie, OR.

1981 Subaru GL hatchback left front


Two-Year Model – 1979 Saab 900 GLE 5-Door

June 27, 2016

With the demise of Saab in 2011, finding an example of Sweden’s odder marque is pretty unusual, unless you live in a major American northeastern or western city. But what to do if all your friends drive Saabs, and you want to stand out? How about trying to find a two-door sedan, only offered for a couple of years in North America? Well, those are nice and light, and structurally probably quite stiff, but not as utilitarian as a Saab could be. So let’s go one step further back in the history of the 900, and find an elusive Saab 5-door hatch. No, it’s not a 9000, it’s this this 1979 Saab 900 GLE 5-Door for sale for $2395 in Estacada, OR.

1979 Saab 900 GLE right front