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Cumberford and Mott’s Light – 1981 Subaru GL Hatchback

June 29, 2016

Though there were plenty of cars before the 1980s with cyclops front lights, like the Rover P4 and Tucker 48, it seems likely the Subaru Leone of the early 1980s will be the last to offer that feature from the factory. These lights were often used as a supplementary light for turning – though most notably, the Citroen ID/DS featured two inboard lights that turned with the front wheels – but lighting technology has advanced to the point where the addition of a separately mounted turning light is no longer needed. So let’s take a moment to celebrate an example of the last cyclops-light car, this 1981 Subaru GL hatchback for sale for $3750 in Milwaukie, OR.

1981 Subaru GL hatchback left front


Ur-Impreza – 1976 Subaru DL Wagon

February 8, 2016

If you have ever read some of the British classic car magazines, you’ll no doubt have noticed the dealer ads showing remarkably preserved examples of middle-of-the-road (by local standards) cars for pretty short money. Of course the relative strength of the pound makes them seem even cheaper, but it seems pretty unusual to find equivalent cars here in North America. Every now and again, though, something interesting comes up, like this 1976 Subaru DL Wagon for sale for $3500 in Seattle, WA.

1976 Subaru DL Wagon left front