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Stock? Really? – 1990 Honda Civic CR-X Si

December 28, 2015

Toyota’s MR2 has a more exotic layout, and is less likely to be the recipient of poorly judged upgrades from your local purveyor of diamond plate floor mats and neon green nylon seat covers, but when you find an apparently stock example of Honda’s CR-X, it’s hard to ignore. And if you enjoy the responsive engine and sharp handling, but want a little extra utility, the sporty version of the 2-seat commuter as interpreted by Honda is well worth consideration. Let’s check out this 1990 Honda CR-X Si for sale for $2600 in Vancouver, WA.

1990 Honda Civic CRX Si left front


Box Stock – 1986 Honda Civic CRX

September 30, 2013

Considering what a time of uncertainty it was for the automotive industry, the 1980s truly produced some icons. BMW M3, Porsche 944, VW GTI, and many others came from this era. One more icon you can’t forget is the Honda Civic CRX. Originally designed as a commuter car like the Fiero, the CRX quickly started winning admirers due to exactly those things that helped it save fuel – light weight, compact size, high-tech engine, only those people admired it for its performance. If you want to admire one in your driveway, you can pick up this 1986 Honda CRX for $2390 in Yakima, WA, where it’s been for sale for at least a month.

1986 Honda CR-X left front