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Stock? Really? – 1990 Honda Civic CR-X Si

December 28, 2015

Toyota’s MR2 has a more exotic layout, and is less likely to be the recipient of poorly judged upgrades from your local purveyor of diamond plate floor mats and neon green nylon seat covers, but when you find an apparently stock example of Honda’s CR-X, it’s hard to ignore. And if you enjoy the responsive engine and sharp handling, but want a little extra utility, the sporty version of the 2-seat commuter as interpreted by Honda is well worth consideration. Let’s check out this 1990 Honda CR-X Si for sale for $2600 in Vancouver, WA.

1990 Honda Civic CRX Si left front


Original Owner – 1987 Honda Prelude Si

May 20, 2014

The Honda Prelude started out as a coupe derivative of the Accord, as part of the launch of the Honda Verno distribution channel in Japan. The first-generation Prelude was nicknamed the Quaalude, and Honda must have taken this to heart, as the redesigned 1983 Prelude traded funky, blocky styling for sleek looks with flip-up headlights and the trademark low hood and cowl. An overhead cam engine with 3 valves per cylinder was also advanced for the mid-1980s, as were the graphic equalizer stereo and orange typeface on all gauges and switches. Check out this 1987 Honda Prelude Si for sale for $3000 in Berkeley, CA.

1987 Honda Prelude Si left front