Box Stock – 1986 Honda Civic CRX

Considering what a time of uncertainty it was for the automotive industry, the 1980s truly produced some icons. BMW M3, Porsche 944, VW GTI, and many others came from this era. One more icon you can’t forget is the Honda Civic CRX. Originally designed as a commuter car like the Fiero, the CRX quickly started winning admirers due to exactly those things that helped it save fuel – light weight, compact size, high-tech engine, only those people admired it for its performance. If you want to admire one in your driveway, you can pick up this 1986 Honda CRX for $2390 in Yakima, WA, where it’s been for sale for at least a month.

1986 Honda CR-X left front

It’s amazing that for a mere $810 more, you can get a Porsche 944 with far fewer miles, when the Porsche originally listed for twice as much as the Honda. Either way, this forces you to evaluate them just based on their merits, instead of having the badge as a kind of baggage that influences your decision (ze Porsche is alvays better, ja?). And yes, I realize that in spite of the “box stock” title, there is a rear window shade to enhance those typically 1980s looks. Well, as long as it’s not an engine swap from a JDM car, you should be fine.

1986 Honda CR-X right rear

The paint actually looks to be oxidized in some pictures, and glossy in others. Assume it’s worn and budget a new paint job (we can strip the trim off together one day), along with probably a few other things since it is at a dealer, after all. The simplicity and lack of conspicuous aero effects make the earlier CRXs appealing in a quaint kind of way. Perhaps it’s that there are so few on the road…

1986 Honda CR-X interior

Barring some damage to the driver seat, the interior looks pretty good, which is surprising for a 1980s car. The car has received a recent helmet, seat restraints, and sometimes more for its role as a track toy. The low cowl was a distinctive Honda feature well through the mid-1990s, when Honda decided their cars needed to grow substantially to fulfill Americans’ expectations.

1986 Honda CR-X enginex-

Ah, the original engine. Manufacturers were fitting 12 valve engines like it was going out of style, even though ultimately 16 appear to be more powerful. Anyway, the engine bay looks surprisingly tidy (and not splashed with a gallon of aremor-all). The seller says the car is fully functional and has passed its state safety inspection, so that gives some level of confidence. While this is not the sportier Si model, these are probably fun in the same way a basic Mini is fun. Plus you’ll be buying something the cautious Honda of today would never dare to build.


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  1. John Says:

    Hello I’m interested in the crx let me know thank you

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