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The OG 9-5 – 1970 and 1972 Saab 95s

December 8, 2015

Saab did some pretty amazing things and had some pretty creative solutions to the question of making better, more efficient cars, but one of the less-celebrated ones was their ability to fit 7 passengers – consider that it’s shorter than the equally weird VW 412 wagon (though their wheelbases are equal), and that car and its Type 3 Squareback sibling will only fit 5 passengers (though with a trunk and frunk, they will take a ton of luggage). If you want to accommodate more than 5 passengers, you’re looking at one of the American mega-wagons, a Land Rover, or, say, a London cab. But that has no trunk to speak of. For today, you have the luxury of cross-shopping two of these creative, quirky cars – first, let’s look at this 1970 Saab 95 for sale for $3500 on Anderson Island, WA.

1970 Saab 95 left front



RustyButTrusty on the Street – Catch-Up Edition

October 18, 2015

When it comes down to it, there’s nothing like a move out of the city into the suburbs that will complicate spotting cars on the street that are there long enough to whip out a camera (phone) and grab a snapshot, but in spite of that, your trusty photographer has prevailed to capture the following cars. First up is a Land Rover that is technically not on the street. What’s more is, it probably hasn’t seen a street for a while. It looks to be a Series 1, and sports a pre-1963 British plate with county code TD, indicating it started life in Manchester. Being in Portland’s Pearl District, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was used as a display for one of the trendy shops there, and has since been stored and forgotten.



Made by Trolls – 1970 Saab 95

February 11, 2010

So at this point, you might think I’m quite the Saab nut, having featured a 95, a couple of pre-GM 900s, and a 99 turbo. However, I’ve never owned one, so much as had friends and family who did; so maybe I’m a Saab nut by proxy. As someone who appreciates creative engineering solutions, sometimes to questions nobody asked (Question: How few cylinders *can* you use to power a 7-seat station wagon? Answer: 3.), you can’t help but admire these cars. If you aren’t convinced, here’s a video extolling the wonders of the 1961 Saab 95, complete with pre-ironic music and a family purchased in flat packs at IKEA:

Today’s feature car is a slightly later model, built in 1970. It benefits from the larger Ford Taunus-sourced V4, although the later interior has less of that mid-century modern cool to it. It also still has the 3rd row seat , something that was dropped in 1976 (not relevant to the US market, as it was no longer for sale here). It’s listed in Gig Harbor, WA for the reasonable price of $2500.