The OG 9-5 – 1970 and 1972 Saab 95s

Saab did some pretty amazing things and had some pretty creative solutions to the question of making better, more efficient cars, but one of the less-celebrated ones was their ability to fit 7 passengers – consider that it’s shorter than the equally weird VW 412 wagon (though their wheelbases are equal), and that car and its Type 3 Squareback sibling will only fit 5 passengers (though with a trunk and frunk, they will take a ton of luggage). If you want to accommodate more than 5 passengers, you’re looking at one of the American mega-wagons, a Land Rover, or, say, a London cab. But that has no trunk to speak of. For today, you have the luxury of cross-shopping two of these creative, quirky cars – first, let’s look at this 1970 Saab 95 for sale for $3500 on Anderson Island, WA.

1970 Saab 95 left front

The combination of a small engine and great cargo capacity makes this car perfectly suited for island life – you can really load up on those mainland shopping trips, and you can sail past many of those (no doubt) pricey island gas stations. This car looks to be in very good condition, with a decent looking paint job, straight panels, and soccer ball wheels that seem to be finished in the correct black and silver colors. It is said to have mild, age-appropriate rust, and an amazing 510,000 miles, most of which were likely accumulated by the previous 25-year owner. It’s also had a new clutch, clutch hydraulics, shocks, brakes, and front wheel bearings under the tenure of the current 7-year owner, who’s only managed to put 2000 miles on the car. Freewheeling is said to work properly, and the car is said to be suitable as a daily driver.

1972 Saab 95 left rear

If you’re worried about such high mileage, or the price, or you want to get your teeth into a project, check out this 1972 Saab 95 for sale for $2000 in El Cajon, CA. This slightly newer 95 looks to have some typical “desert rust” where the paint has worn through, causing brown patches here and there on the paint. Other than missing headlight rings it looks straight and complete, though you’ll have to find yourself a new rear passenger window for the driver’s side.

1972 Saab 95 engine

Things look fairly decent under the hood, but there is not much detail offered other than the car’s need for TLC. Given it’s squeezed into what appears to be the back lot of an auto body shop, you probably won’t learn much more from the sellers, so count on having to do a basic revival of ignition, cooling, and fuel systems, as well as a full fluid flush. The lien on the title suggests it’s a car that was left behind with some work done, so perhaps the best question is what it will take to release that lien.

1972 Saab 95 interior

So here’s the scary part, and it’s hard to say whether the Grant GT steering wheel, the seat cover over a crumbling seat, the loose switch wires or the situation in the glovebox is most intimidating. Fortunately, that general vicinity of the car is not terribly complicated, so with any luck these issues won’t be too hard to track down and get back to functional order. Do neither of these scratch an itch? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s wagon feature in this week’s mini-series.


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One Response to “The OG 9-5 – 1970 and 1972 Saab 95s”

  1. MountainMan Says:

    I have always liked these. The WA car amazes me with half million miles and such a presentable condition. Reminds me of my 65 Dodge A-100 window van. It came from CA with 380,000 plus on it , records from day one and no real rust or imperfections too speak of. I have been in the seattle area for the last several months and have so far resisted just about every car that has interested me with the exception of my 1993 BMW 528i that I scooped up for $300. The rest of my cars are still in NC so the thought of shipping this home will likely prevent me from inquiring but man is it hard to resist! The wife even approves of old wagons and the price is right…hmmm

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