Made by Trolls – 1970 Saab 95

So at this point, you might think I’m quite the Saab nut, having featured a 95, a couple of pre-GM 900s, and a 99 turbo. However, I’ve never owned one, so much as had friends and family who did; so maybe I’m a Saab nut by proxy. As someone who appreciates creative engineering solutions, sometimes to questions nobody asked (Question: How few cylinders *can* you use to power a 7-seat station wagon? Answer: 3.), you can’t help but admire these cars. If you aren’t convinced, here’s a video extolling the wonders of the 1961 Saab 95, complete with pre-ironic music and a family purchased in flat packs at IKEA:

Today’s feature car is a slightly later model, built in 1970. It benefits from the larger Ford Taunus-sourced V4, although the later interior has less of that mid-century modern cool to it. It also still has the 3rd row seat , something that was dropped in 1976 (not relevant to the US market, as it was no longer for sale here). It’s listed in Gig Harbor, WA for the reasonable price of $2500.

1970 Saab 95 front

Looks pretty good from the front. That white paint on a wagon is like a blank canvas – it’d be pretty cool to dress it up as some kind of works support car, Swedish government or commercial vehicle, or the like. At this price point, it looks like there is a surprising lack of rust, and the car even comes with the desirable soccerball wheels.

1970 Saab 95 engine

Engine compartment also looks surprisingly clean. Here you can see the proof that it’s got the V4 – what sort of modifications are available to power this thing up if you were so inclined? That would make it a fun touring car for you and 6 friends, or camping for you and one special friend (see commercial above).

1970 Saab 95 interior

Even the interior looks clean, although who knows what’s lurking beneath those seat covers. Figure on some new upholstery, although from what I’ve seen, the interiors in these is pretty hardy. The dash even seems to be crack-free, and you can guarantee there are some weirdo seatbelts on this car.

1970 Saab 95 rear

The rear is also pretty cool. Check out the factory mudflaps if you feel your inner Carlsson coming out, and quad round headlights make people think you’ve got a Ferrari. Okay, maybe not.

Not enough capacity for you? Check out this Saab 95-based camper.


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2 Responses to “Made by Trolls – 1970 Saab 95”

  1. Roger Says:

    That’s what I was looking for when I was shopping for a cheap winter car. Timing is everything…

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